Explore the moment when hearing a song in the movies/dramas

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How might we display the moment when hearing the songs you like in the movies/dramas?

Let’s go through this question:

How to Find the Website?

Based on real data, many people submitted these words for lyrics in a search engine:

  • lawrence of arabia british beatlemania

    Search a sentence of a song.

  • the umbrella academy i think we re alone now

    Search the names of a movie or drama with the sentence they heard.

Current Search Process & Obstacles

IMDB is the first stop to find out data of movies/dramas. However, it is hard to find by the lyrics because:

  • In the pages of a movie or drama, only song names are mentioned. To find lyrics, one has to search further
  • Few content in Mandarin Chinese

Therefore, there is a gap between the moment you hear the song and finding out which song it is.

What’s in the Website?

  • 🤘
  • Songs & Lyrics
  • 🎬 📺 ▶️
    Movies/Dramas Appearances

Minimum Viable Product

Like many products, the website went public when it seemed working. It was primitive, but inviting search engines to know the content and having real visitors ASAP are more important.

  • 1st Iteration
    Put entire information architecture manually
  • 2nd Iteration
    Create the templates for lists, artists, and songs
  • 3rd Iteration
    Content Management: Sanity

Expected Outcome

Visitors find the songs and feel good with the “moments.”

How to Measure

  • Gather the keywords which the visitors submitted
  • Feedback


It’s expected that creators in love with 60’s to 80’s culture continue to deepen the meanings of these songs.



The side project is in active development. Try: What are the movies/dramas that David Bowie’s Heroes features?