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    The “Chinese” languages used by Taiwan and China look similar but are very different from each other. In my opinion, the Chinese spoken in Taiwan has our personality. I started translating great articles and websites on digital products into Chinese for Taiwan.


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    • Cal.com

      Cal.com is an open-source scheduling infrastructure, and it reached #1 on Product Hunt when released in April 2021.

    • State of CSS

      The survey has asked developers how they used CSS and their opinion since 2019. I cooperated with @mingjunlu to get the translation done in the 2020 edition.

    • Intro to Storybook for React

      The famous design system tool: Storybook’s official tutorials.

    • Inclusive Design Principles

      Written by accessibility experts, the principles are about designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational, or changing disabilities — all of us really.

    • Design Process for Pros

      The community activity gathered 20 designers to translate an e-book collectively. Please read this post for details.