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“Design Process for Pros” is an e-book published in 2018. Finding this e-book comprehensive, Yu-Ling Chien, Gwynne Li, and I wanted to try translating it collaboratively. At the event, 20 designers translated it into Mandarin Chinese and delivered their drafts by Github. We also published a vlog, polished content, and a summary page.

Worth Mentioning

  • 3.4 *

    The average position for the keyword “設計流程” in Google Search result


  • Use Git

    Two of the participants knew how to use the version control tool: Git. The event had them experience the concept of Git by replacing sentences. I aggregated and polished the drafts after the event.

  • Translation is challenging

    “Now I find translation challenging because of Mandarin Chinese literacy but English comprehension.”

    - Feedbacks from many of the participants

* As of October 2021