Word Wishes Redesign

Sep. 2017
UI Designer

On learning foreign languages, many people have the experience that one should not stop to look up words in a dictionary or websites.

Word Wishes looked up all the words in a paragraph at once, which eliminated the repetitive and redundant tasks. The idea came from StephenStephen, the backend developer. The object of Word Wishes is to help learners improve English literacy with the articles they love.

  • 1. Understand an Article ASAP
  • 2. Highlight Keywords
  • 3. Understand an Article Faster


Word Wishes 能夠一口氣查詢一段文章裡所有單字,節省下重複又無意義的動作。快速看完一篇文章後,再記下重點單字。這是 StephenStephen 的點子,目標是幫助使用者盡快讀懂文章,藉此不斷加強英語能力:

  • 1. 盡快讀懂英文文章
  • 2. 記下重點單字
  • 3. 更快讀懂英文文章

Stephen, CharlesCharles, and I worked together to redesign Word Wishes during 2014 and 2015. Most of our users were college students and spent a lot of time reading English textbooks. However, we did not keep updating the project. I still love the idea and hope to get it better and become a powerful assistant for translation professionals in the future.

2014 到 2015 年的時候,我跟 Stephen 和 CharlesCharles 一起重新設計 Word Wishes。使用者大多數是大學生,常常在英文教科書花很多時間。不過很可惜的是,之後這個專案沒有繼續更新。直到現在,我還是非常喜歡這個概念,希望未來可以把它做得更好,甚至可以成為幫助專業譯者的工具。


We went through some interviews with existing users and our friends who had never used Word Wishes. There were some usability problems to be improved:

  • The website was not responsive.
  • The form for pasting paragraphs was not clear at the landing page.
  • Users could not navigate back to what they had pasted.

當年的版本完成之後,曾經與使用者進行過幾次簡單的訪談,也有從未聽過 Word Wishes 的友人,瞭解有些易用性問題要修正:

  • 網站沒有導入響應式設計
  • 在首頁,文字輸入表單不清楚
  • 按下「整理筆記」後就沒有原先輸入的內容可以對照
Redesigned UIs

Word Wishes was not responsive. However, I gathered that how “copy and paste” works on mobile devices and it was still awkward. To my way of thinking, only searching for a word and browsing the marked words are available.

再次設計的 UI 概念

雖然本來就沒有響應式設計,但是蒐集行動作業系統的「複製 → 貼上」使用情境後,仍覺得操作非常不便利,因此在行動版僅開放查詢和瀏覽單字。


The result showed up at the right sidebar after clicking “整理為單字筆記.”



The words marked as favorite.