Word Wishes looked up all words in a paragraph and organized them into personal notebooks. At first, we noticed that compared to paperback dictionaries, looking up English words didn’t get improved very much with electronic ones. This had bothered not only English as second language learners but also English native speaker students.

The Gap Between Google Translate and Online Dictionaries.
    • Medium Accuracy
    • Low Learning Effectiveness
    • High Accuracy
    • Low Efficiency
Sentence translation by Google Translate was not so accurate for native Mandarin speakers nor a good learning tool while online dictionaries were making users do repeating and redundant tasks. Hence, why not look up words at once?
Three Steps and It is Done.

Paste your paragraph.


Click “Organize” button.


A personalized notebook is ready, and you mark favorite words.

Goal-Based UI Design
We saw “Login” button at the right top corner of a website’s landing page typically. However, we thought the term failed to draw visitors’ attention because they did not know why they needed to log in. Instead, we told visitors in a goal-based manner that they would add/remove favorite words after logging in or registering. It was the function that we expected users to do after looking up all words of a paragraph.
What I did

Layout Redesign


HTML5 Prototype


Dec. 2014