All Swing Events in One Place

Swing been very popular, and there are many groups and classrooms in Taipei. Most of them had their own websites and schedules. To save time, Swing Events Taipei collected all of the events and classes in one place for the swing enthusiasts.

  Weather Forecasts

People who visited The Swing Events Taipei would have three intentions:

  1. What are the events today?
  2. How can I arrive the events?
  3. Will the events be delayed or canceled by rain?

There were often 3-5 foreigners in each swing event. We took this as a good chance to do usability tests with people from different countries. Most people cared about if the event would be held as scheduled. Therefore, we decided to fetch weather forecasts.


There would be a notification of paying attention to the latest announcements if it was predicted to rain at the venue.

Collaboration with Developer

We kept development and production environments identical by Vagrant server image. Laravel’s MVC structure made us feel relieved to make iterations. We also used automation scripts to transfer the master branch of Git to production website.

What I did

UI Animations


HTML5 Prototype


May 2016