360° Illustration Experience

Nuomi’s works featured subtle illustrations of cities in Taiwan. Many people were impressed that 360° images could be presented with hand-drawn illustrations. As his popularity increased, some brands reached out to him, and he integrated his unique style into commercial works seamlessly.


Facebook has been promoting 360° images. However, the dimensions are limited. We found A-FrameA-Frame by Mozilla that facilitated Nuomi’s 360° illustrations to be demonstrated in fullscreen. Nuomi would take advantage of this to make his offline campaigns more immersive.

Nuomi’s Offline Campaigns
  • Public Speakings: The attendants experience 360 illustrations at the scene.
  • Drawing Classes: The learners find references in class.

Furthermore, you could be immersed in the 360° illustrations with a set of VR cardboard glassesVR cardboard glasses, which cost only $12.5.

The Making of Nuomi’s Website

We started with content categorization on the mobile screen. Nuomi found that it made him focus on the most representative creations with the limitation of the screen.

There were two goals in response to his offline campaigns:

  • The UI should not interfere with Nuomi’s illustrations.
  • Nuomi’s illustrations should not interfere with each other.

People who just had 360° illustration experience and wanted to watch more were guided to browse around Nuomi’s illustrations first by hiding the option to choose a category (Nuomi All.)

Starting from the mobile screen made me think about what was the most important message and show it only.”
  - Nuomi

“Mobile First” is a technical convention to designers and developers. For Nuomi, he started to think about what was the most important message he would like to present in front of his target audience.

It was quite easy to set up a new portfolio website from templates. However, they were often supplied with all kinds of placeholders. They often made people fill out as many irrelevant copies and images as possible. We strived to eliminate everything that wasn't streamlined with Nuomi’s offline campaigns. That was why we chose to design from scratch.

There have been visitors from 26 countries so far. Please visit the URL below for Nuomi’s 360° illustrations.

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