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360° Illustration Experience

Nuomi’s works featured subtle illustrations of cities in Taiwan. He actively adopted the latest technology to create unique experience. Many people were impressed that 360° images could be presented with hand-drawn illustrations. In this project, I worked closely with Nuomi and CharleneCharlene, who was an illustrator broker.

360° 插畫體驗

諾米以精緻的台灣城市風景插畫聞名。他積極使用最新科技,創造獨特的作品欣賞體驗,許多人對全景圖片能夠以手繪的方式呈現印象深刻。此個人作品網站是與 Nuomi 和插畫家經紀人 CharleneCharlene 緊密合作。


Facebook has been promoting panorama images. However, the dimensions are limited. We found A-Frame A-Frame by Mozilla, which facilitated Nuomi’s 360° illustrations to be demonstrated in fullscreen. Nuomi would take advantage of this to make his offline campaigns more immersive.

Facebook 一直在推廣 360° 全景照片。只不過,因為版面的關係,一直有諸多限制。我們找到 Mozilla 的 A-Frame A-Frame 可以讓作品以全景的方式呈現,讓 Nuomi 的實體宣傳活動更有沈浸效果。


Furthermore, you could be immersed in the 360° illustrations with a set of VR cardboard glasses VR cardboard glasses, which cost only $12.5.

網站還可以用紙板做成的 VR 眼鏡VR 眼鏡來體驗 360° 插畫,只要美金 12.5 元。

The Scenarios

Besides Facebook posts and keywords in media coverage, visitors accessed to NuomiArt during Nuomi’s offline campaigns:

  • Public Speakings and Exhibitions: The attendants experience 360° illustrations at the scene.
  • Drawing Classes: The learners find references in class.
訪客打開 NuomiArt 的情境

除了 Facebook 粉絲團貼文和媒體報導的關鍵字,訪客還會在諾米的實體宣傳活動時進入網站:

  • 公開演講與展覽:與會者在現場打開網站欣賞 360° 的插畫。
  • 插畫課程:學員打開網站參考他的作品。
Start Experiencing VR Within 3 Seconds

There were two target principles for the website design in knowledge of his offline campaign scenarios:

  • The UI should not interfere with Nuomi’s illustrations.
  • Nuomi’s illustrations should not interfere with each other.
3 秒之內就開始 VR 體驗


  • 網站的介面不應干擾 Nuomi 的插畫作品。
  • Nuomi 的插畫作品不應互相干擾。

The mobile website was the critical channel for the people who met Nuomi’s works for the first time. Therefore, the 360° illustrations were optimized and would appear within 3 seconds*.

Nuomi’s illustrations are filled with details. The visitors feel very different in still and animated forms. As a result, we designed that they watched 1 work at a time. They were attracted by the still details and experienced something new with those being animated. It also made Nuomi focus on what were the most representative to him.

「從手機打開網站」是許多第一次認識 Nuomi 作品和他本人的關鍵管道。因此,經過最佳化的 360° 全景插畫,平均只需 3 秒*就可以看到。

Nuomi 的作品富含細節。靜態、動態欣賞都有不同感受。因此設計成一個窄小的畫面上只展示一幅作品,讓訪客漸漸被細節吸引,再欣賞動態的。而這樣的呈現方式也讓 Nuomi 專注於最具有代表性的作品。

There have been visitors from more than 30 countries. The project will keep evolving and try something fresh constantly.

* Access with iPhone5

目前諾米的網站已經有來自超過 30 個國家的訪客。日後還會不斷進化,嘗試新鮮、有趣的體驗。

* 使用 iPhone5 開啟。