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Translation for Newbie Designers

Learning today is convenient because there are many online resources. However, I doubted if I misunderstood them frequently. To clarify that, I decided to share what I have read with others and get feedback.

English is not the native language in Taiwan. I found many beginners like me asked for the translations of those great articles or course videos. Therefore, it was essential when sharing content.

The most efficient way of interdisciplinary learning: observe the phenomena from unfamiliar fields and comprehend them with your existing experience.

Then, spread the word as soon as possible and get supplementary knowledge from responses. Those who think one should read many books and take many courses before sharing are in wrong direction.”

Typography Matters

Medium is my publishing of choice. The readability is excellent though Traditional Chinese is not supported yet. They have spent so much time designing typography.

Chinese and English are often mixed as to translation articles. Many people were ignorant of the spaces before or after English words and numbers. Readers would take a long time to stare at the content. Therefore, please treat their eyes tenderly.

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Mar. 2016