Pie: A Clock-In Web App


Why a Clock-In App?

The company I work for is using an app with clock-in, leave statistics, and salary information features. One has to go back to the dashboard as he switches between features in the clock-in app from this brand.

In my opinion, a fluent UI flow is like climbing up or walking down the stairs to reach a goal. I decided to redesign the clock-in app since I would never know how the original app was created.


Current Progress

The project is under development by 3 designers as a side project. Please visit this article for details.

Design & Development Thoughts

Premature Optimization

It is hard to defy the temptation to build a distinct style guide at the beginning. Thus, we suffered “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.”

Accessibility upon Project Start

Modern browsers value accessibility more than ever before. It is still at the stage of exploration as we are leveraging visual weights for websites in Mandarin.