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  • RoleWordPress Theme Design & Front-End
  • DateNovember, 2017
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360° Illustration Experience

Nuomi’s works are famous for subtle illustrations of cities in Taiwan. The website features his hand-drawn illustrations in 360°. I worked closely with Nuomi and Charlene, who was an illustrator broker.

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The specification of websites has been elevated a lot since early 2017. In retrospect, these have been the minimum requirements:

  • Website is Secure

    Google Chrome has been notifying visitors that a website is not safe without HTTPS since Oct. 2018.

  • Structured Data

    What makes setting up a website valuable are the positions in search results & visits. These are the basics.

  • Accessibility

    There have been tools to check accessibility automatically. Besides, the developer tool on accessibility in Google Chrome has been much more comprehensive than that two years ago.